class KustomerCoreOptions

Create a KustomerCoreOptions object using KustomerCoreOptions.Builder to override any settings with in the sdk

If you don’t want to override any settings and use the default ones, you can skip creating this object

val kustomerCoreOptions = KustomerCoreOptions.Builder()
.setBusinessScheduleId("<business_schedule_id>") //override business schedule
.setLogLevel(KusLogOptions.KusLogOptionAll) //set log options


Name Summary
Builder [androidJvm]
data class Builder(hostDomain: String? = null, businessScheduleId: String? = null, knowledgeBaseId: String? = null, logLevel: Int? = null, chatActiveAssistant: KusActiveAssistant? = null, brandId: String? = null, locale: Locale? = null)


Name Summary
brandId [androidJvm]
val brandId: String?
businessScheduleId [androidJvm]
val businessScheduleId: String?
chatActiveAssistant [androidJvm]
val chatActiveAssistant: KusActiveAssistant?
hostDomain [androidJvm]
val hostDomain: String?
knowledgeBaseId [androidJvm]
val knowledgeBaseId: String?
locale [androidJvm]
val locale: Locale?
logLevel [androidJvm]
val logLevel: Int?